Welcome to the Sunset Brewing Co.


At times I thought we would never get there.

Back in March 2017, after attending a Breakthrough workshop, I decided to explore growing the business. At this point I knew I had a good product and that there was a market out there for small beer producers based in Cornwall.

So I set out on a rebranding exercise and looked to produce a product that supported high quality, consistency and the amazing flavours we expect.

Sunset Brewing Company, Sunset BC and #thegoldenhour were born and the excitement grew around our copper lable.

Over these past few months I have worked with some awesome people, this is and will continue to be important to us, as we grow the product range and the brand. It is great when people get what you are trying to achieve, understand the brief and nail it.

A massive thank you to everyone that has been involved in the journey in producing this epic looking, high quality and great tasting beer.

Loved every minute, even the painstaking task of adding the swing tags by hand!!